Nikhil Mayakuntla

Java Developer

Atlanta, Georgia

Nikhil Mayakuntla is a seasoned professional from West Des Moines, IA, currently based in Atlanta, GA. With a solid educational background, Nikhil graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake with a Master’s in Computer Software Engineering in May 2019. Throughout his career, Nikhil has amassed over nine years of experience in the software development field, specializing as a highly skilled Java Developer.

Anthony Laurance

His journey in the tech industry began as a Java Full Stack Developer at CIOX Health in Alpharetta, GA, where he contributed to developing healthcare applications, focusing on patient data management and compliance. Nikhil honed his Spring MVC and Angular 2 skills there, ensuring optimal user experience and workflow efficiency.

From there, Nikhil transitioned to roles of increasing responsibility, including a stint as a Sr. Full Stack Java Developer at GAP in Pleasanton, CA. At GAP, Nikhil was pivotal in designing and implementing API solutions that significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer service. His expertise in Angular, Spring Boot, and MongoDB facilitated the delivery of robust application features tailored to meet organizational objectives.

Nikhil’s commitment to excellence and innovation led him to join Home Depot in Atlanta, GA, as a Full Stack Java Developer, where he focused on developing Supplier Performance Management applications. Leveraging Angular 10 and Spring Boot, Nikhil spearheaded initiatives to enhance vendor interaction and dispute resolution processes, thus contributing to the company’s strategic goals.

Subsequently, Nikhil served as a senior Java Developer at Walmart in Bentonville, AR, where he led development initiatives for the Spark app, driving enhancements in logistics and customer service capabilities. His adeptness in integrating advanced Java features and Microservices played a vital role in improving system responsiveness and functionality.

Currently, Nikhil holds the position of Sr. Java Developer at Pepsico in Dallas, TX, where he continues demonstrating his cloud-based application development expertise. Leveraging Java 17, Spring Boot 3.1, and Azure Cloud, Nikhil develops and manages cutting-edge applications while prioritizing application security and efficiency through implementing Microservices and Spring Security.

Nikhil Mayakuntla is an invaluable member of the software development industry thanks to his unwavering dedication, vast experience, and technical expertise. He constantly pushes the boundaries and drives innovation to deliver high-quality solutions that surpass expectations and help businesses succeed.